Pumpkin Ravioli with Brown Butter & Sage

Pasta dough
4 x large organic eggs
400g 00 pasta flour
Semolina for dusting

Sieve the flour on to your work surface, make a well in the center, break the eggs in to a jug and lightly wisk, pour into the well of flour.

Using the tips of your fingers, mix the eggs with the flour incorporating a little at a time, until everything is combined to form rough dough.

On a floured surface knead the dough pulling it, stretching it, until it becomes smooth and silky, this will take about 10-15 minuets .

Wrap the dough in Clingfilm and put it in the fridge to rest for at least half an hour.

Divide the dough in to 8, using a pasta machine starting with the thickest setting, and working through to the thinnest, roll out each ball of dough into sheets dusting with plenty of selomina after each setting.

For the filling
1 bunch of fresh sage
100ml olive oil
50g pine nuts
500g pumpkin
1x bulb of garlic cut in half across the middle
1 tbsp honey
150g ricotta
1 egg yolk
2 tbsp parmesan cheese
50g breadcrumbs
1/4ts ground nutmeg
Salt and pepper

In a dry pan lightly toast the pine nuts until just brown, seat aside and to the pan add the sunflower oil and heat, carefully drop in the sage leaves, taking care as they will spit, fry until crisp remove from the oil and drain on kitchen towel.

Cut the pumpkin into chunks and lay on a baking sheet with the garlic, drizzle 2 tbsp of the oil used top fry the sage leaves and honey season with salt and pepper , scatter a few sage leaves on top and roast in the oven at 180c gas 4 until the pumpkin is soft.

Remove from the oven allow to cool a little before peeling the skin from the pumpkin, add to a blender bowl the pumpkin flesh, roasted garlic squeezed from it’s skin, the ricotta, breadcrumbs, nutmeg salt and pepper. Blend until just combined, add the egg yolk and blend again briefly to mix.

Lay a sheet of pasta dough out onto a work surface dusted with semolina, brush with water using a pastry brush. Place teaspoons of the pumpkin filling onto the pasta sheet 8cm apart. Lay another sheet of pasta on top using a small glass just bigger in diameter than your filling lightly press down to seal the filling between the two pasta sheets, taking care not to cut through the dough. Using a pastry cutter, cut out each circle to make your ravioli, thumb round the ravioli edges with your fingers to seal. Lay in a single layer on a baking sheet dusted with semolina.
Bring a large pan of salted water to a boil carefully add the ravioli, cook for 6-8 minutes until al dente

Melt the butter in a pan, cook until lightly browned, fragrant and nutty smelling. Remove from heat, and let it cool off for a minute then add the balsamic and a pinch of salt, pour over the ravioli top with the toasted pine nuts sage and parmesan.

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