Hello world!

I struggled with what would be my first official post, it’s like walking into a room full of people you’ve never met – so introducing myself seems like the polite thing to do!

First So I’m Ellie, I live in London and am setting out on a big change, trying to make it as a food stylist and writer. I trained in graphic design but after a few years slogging it out in London I decided it wasn’t for me and after a bit of soul searching have decided to follow my first love, food and cooking.
I have always loved cooking, no one else in my house gets a look in, but having worked in the restaurant trade before always thought being a chef wasn’t for me but making food that looks and tasted delicious is what I’m all about so I have trained up and am grabbing all the experience I can along the way. My blog Pickle is about food I love to make eat and grow, made to look beautiful ( I hope! )

That’s it enough babble about me you get the gist of what this space is about. Scroll down and check out my posts and photos I will do my best to keep up and post a couple of times a week hope you enjoy xox

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